Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

freudensammler timelapse-tv - youtube-Links 

The second day of setting up the exhibition was quite stressy and long (even GROM  was closed ), but successful. We finished everything @ . The first iPad-facetime-talk with Ismanah in Germany was big fun.
In between while searching for some additional small easels I organized my Online connection pass. So now It's easier to upload videos to youtube. I started with the promised timelapse videos of the transport and the now completed setup.
Here are the links (sorry, no soundtrack so far):



Updated panoramic picture of the finished setup will come tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the "big day". Opening event (Vernissage) at  p. m.
I'll try to upload (maybe streaming!) as live as possible from my iPad from indide and outside the exhibition room (fortunately the VeniceConnection WiFi covers the exhibition room)
Stay tuned, check the Blog after 
Buona notte and thanks to all supporters and your prayers (special thx to Christian for the uplifting comfort in your words the coffe cup pic is 4 U).

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