Freitag, 30. September 2011

 Piro, Tiger and Dominique @ Libreria Acqua Alta

Drei Prachtkerle aus der Luigis Katzen-Armada

Sky @ Campo Ss. Giovanni e Paolo 110930 18.22 h

it s just a matter of being at the right place at the right time

Tamara Kvesitadzes - Georgia's Biennale presentation

Nach 2007 wurde die von uns beiden sehr geschätzte Tamara Kvesitadzes zum zweiten Mal von Georgien als Biennale-Beitrag eingeladen. Erneut ein sehr schöner poetisch-philosophischer Beitrag.
(im Bild - leider statisch - eine kinetische Installation, bei der sich die einzelnen Gesichter schmaler und breiter werdend bewegen)

The salad was fine, but the Pasta with vegetables not really

Was just a try (the outside table was nice), but we better return and stick with Osteria alla Staffa.

Sold books and postcards to Acqua Alta bookstore

Luigi from from the very unique Libreria Acqua Alta sold our postcards from 2009 completely out, so he re-ordered all of them and the new ones. Also he loved our book "Venedig - ein Fest" and bought some copies for his German-speaking bookstore-visitors.

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

A Celtic Cat 

A nice surprise at the end of this exhibition day: a group of nice welsh women came in, loved the exhibition and one of them had a celtic cat tatoo.
This could be a reason for me (Georg) to think about it ...
Now I'll walk back  to our B&B, have my GROM-cup  on the way and see, how Elizabeth is doing. 

"Spiderman" Gabriel in action (again)

another very nice comment (italiano) 

so far 33 pages with very good comments about this exhibition !

Sweetening the work ...

Caffe latte e dolci

Elizabeths breakfast 

Selbst in einer Apotheke bekommt man in Italien keinen Magen-Beruhigungstee, als bleibt nur die Chemie. Alles andere als Schwarztee oder Grüner Tee ist auch in Cafes ein Fremdwort

Elizabeth is sick 

Elizabeth had severe stomach problems yesterday (we don t describe the consequences here) which got worse at night. Now in the morning she is feelin still weak but its getting better.
No virus obviousely, but maybe some food/drink combination at lunch (mushroom soup + peach juice + coffee) was wrong for her sensible stomach.
update: after a try in the morning she returned to our B&B and tries to recover there in quietness. Thank you for your 
Our little friends "Spiderman" Gabriel drawing present from yesterday looks now kind of prophetic.

Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Venezia Misteriosa - A nightly experience ...  

The multicolored illumination (this years theme of the Biennale) of a Palazzo at Canal Grande is the only photoshoot I couldn t resist to do during a fantastic nightride with a gondola (never done before). It was a totally new experience about Venice during our 11th visit to this unique city. Mystically, silent and touching, hardly to describe in words. Grazie mille to our "sponsor" for the invitation 
The other shot (very green) was done during the walk back just a view steps from our B&B.
I added some pics from a calender promotion I found today on display at a newspaper-stand, just a try to give you an idea

Spectacular cinemascope view from breakfast room

Special tip from Leonardo: Pecorino sardo with Honey 

part of the (everyday) heavenly breakfast @ B&B Sandra


Osteria alla Staffa

... entwickelt sich zu unserem Stammlokal für die Mittagspause (mit originellen Platzdeckchen-Lampen)

Montag, 26. September 2011

Buon giorno, amici! Another great morning view

view from our room at 08:13 h a.m.

Tonight no GROM (queue too long), but a great milkshake 

called SFIZZIOSO, made from Bananas, Dattes, Milk and Cinnamon.
Very healthy and tasted like in 1000 and one Night

Some more guest book comments ...

The two lions at Ospedale Civile

just experimenting a little bit ....

Fondamenta Dei Mendicanti 

shot from Ponte Cavalli with iPad2 + ProHDR + Autostitch

Campo Ss. Giovanni e Paolo panorama

shot with Photosynth on iPad2

Gabriel is excited about (the space in) the exhibition room ;-)